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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Communication SkiLLs Art Of Rasulullah S.A.W...

'Qiaman ... Assalamualaikum ya Ustazah (A Female Religious), says chief class'.

'Waalaikumussalam Warahmatullah Hiwabarakatuh, answer Nurul Iman'.

"Bismillahhirrohmannirrahim, Allahummaftah 'Alaina hikmatakawan
syur 'alaina ' min khoza iniroh matikaya arhamarrohimin," simultaneously all students recite a Doa before the class begin’.

Nurul Iman  asking his students to make their own work because she just a relief teacher for Ustaz Sufian class as he is on leave today. Nurul Iman just sitting at the teacher desk and do her own work. Suddenly, one students wake up and asking her a question.

'Ustazah .. Can you tell us any story about  the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said Hakimi '.

Nurul Iman just smile.

'Mmmm ..., reply Nurul Iman while thinking for a moment'.
'Well ... How about a story about the Communication SkiLLs Art Of Rasulullah S.A.W. Want to listen about it?, ask Nurul Iman’.

'Wow!!!.. it sounds interesting ... is there any skill communication for a man to tackle a good muslimah like Ustazah ?, interrupt-Azhar from behind with a big smile'.

"STAM (Certificate of Higher Religion of Malaysia)  not take it yet, already thinking about how to tackle a Good Muslimah. Mmm… Successful in the STAM examination first ... After successful STAM exam and able to further study at Al Azhar  Univercity, then you  may ask many skill of communication to tackle muslimah from Sheikh over there ... More than that also can Azhar, reply Nurul Iman with smiling and followed a big laughter by all students’.

Azhar's just bowed shame ..

'Well ... Prophet Muhammad have successful communication arts to influence others. First technique is EQUATION. When communicating, tried to follow the rhythm of the person voice in front of us ... A history tells an Arab bedouin coming from outside has seen the Prophet in the distance. From a distance he has called Rasullullah with a loud voice. 'O Muhammad', 'O Muhammad'. Then one of the Rasulullah friends who was there reprimanded the Arab bedouin to slow his voice in front of the Prophet's. But What did the Prophet s.a.w do? So the Prophet replied in synch by saying: 'Hawun' 'Hawun' he raised his voice like the sound of earlier Arab bedouin. Why?? This is called the interaction techniques as similarity. If you chat with a calm tone and slow, you need to synch with it. And vice versa, if one is so quick in movement communication, you also have to be quick. It accidentally will turn on the adjustment between them. This is skill of Prophet s.a.w. In addition one of his companions used to say, when the Prophet shaking hands with someone, he would not let his hands until the person's release it first, said Nurul Iman '.

'The second technique Ustazah, ask Hakimi'.

'The second technique is very simple .. It only involves one of our body, a lips, said Nurul Iman '.

"Haaa ... I know that Ustazah. Must smile right?, Answer Azhar with a widest smile '.

'Anta Syatir (You're smart). The second technique is to smile. Like Azhar smile just now. Do you know that a smile are able to steal the hearts of others. For example, we are trying to do to people in dire need. Let us talk to him together with a smile, definitely it will give a good impact. One of the companions of the Prophet used to say Rasulullah always give a smile every time I see him. Even the Prophet was called a 'smiling face'. Some of us believe the Prophet is always in a state of grief. But it is not ... The Prophet always smiling. Grief and anger only occur in some situations, but he was not accustomed, said Nurul Iman '.

All Students just smile ...

'Next technique is GIVE ATTENTION TO OTHERS. That show you are serious and respect at someone. As narrated from Aisha RA, He said that the Prophet Muhammad, when he looked back, he will move the whole body. For example, if there is someone calling from behind. He would not turned his head, but he would move her whole body and talk with the people before him. For example, today, if we call Mom from behind, the more attractive you are facing it with the rest of the body to the mother who called because this shows our determination to communicate with it, said Nurul Iman '.

Kriinnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg ..... School bells rang, a sign that recess begins.

"Well ... We stop here. Time to fulfill the demands of all our stomach, said Nurul Iman with smile '.

 p/s - WARNING!!!! Just using a broken EngLish.. Do nOt make it as a Example. Thank U..


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